The Location

The Location

The Set… after considering everything from actual hotel rooms to building sets in the studio, we settled on an abandoned army barracks house outside of Tuen Mun.

Part of the former British Army barracks near Tuen Mun


No water.  No electricity.  No amenities.  Everything had to be brought in or constructed at the location.


Main floor – soon to be the hotel suite


Still it was a great location.   Virtually every room in the building was used in one way or another.


Work begins on the transformation


The highlight was the main living room/dining room area, which became the claustrophobic hotel suite.


The Hotel Suite – Before & After


Production Designer Longman Leung and his team transformed the derelict space into a fantastic slightly out-of-time, beyond it’s prime but holding on hotel suite.  This was our main set where a key portion of the story takes place.  If you look carefully, you can see in the photos where they extended the usable space out into the two outdoor patio areas.


The Study – Note the drop down in the floor where the outdoor patio begins